6 Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters In Desperate Need Of A "Creative Overhaul" (2024)

As we head deeper into the Multiverse Saga, it's clear that some MCU characters desperately need a creative overhaul if they're to find continued - or renewed - success. Check them out after the jump...

In the wake of increasingly negative reviews and lower-than-expected box office hauls, Marvel Studios has gone back to the drawing board with several projects. The idea? To start delivering quality over quantity again.

Daredevil: Born Again has already been creatively overhauled but it's time for Marvel Studios to reevaluate its approach to specific characters as qwell. They've doneit before - the God of Thunder in Thor: Ragnarok for example - and the heroes listed here are all in desperate need of the same treatment.

From MCU veterans to newer additions to this shared world and characters who have simplybeen taken in the wrong direction, this lot would benefit greatly from a soft reboot. In some instances, a compete fresh start may even be needed!

Find out who we've singled out by clicking on the "Next"/"View List" buttons below.

6. Captain Marvel

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There are many reasons why The Marvels performed so dismally at the box office last November. However, it's clear now that in order to keep Carol Danvers a key part of the MCU, it's time to go back to the drawing board with the character.

Captain Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame scenes were shot before her 2019 solo movie, meaning the project didn't have the requiredfreedom to do anything particularly unique with her. Sharing the spotlight with Photon and Ms. Marvel meant Carol remained a little one-note in the sequel, so it's time for an overhaul.

Similar to when Ms. Marvel became Captain Marvel on the page, it's time to allow Brie Larson to inject Carol with more personality (and power), establishing her as the MCU's most powerful superHERo, in the process. The next Avengers movies will be a good start.

5. Thor

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Thor served as a solid introduction for the MCU's God of Thunder. The Dark World wasn't the Game of Thrones-inspired effort we were promised, but was still an okay effort; however, Thor: Ragnarok served as the overhaul the character so desperately needed.

Infinity War and Endgame continued that, only for Thor: Love and Thunder to feel like a massive step back with a goofy take on the hero which saw filmmaker Taika Waititi given too much creative freedom (even Chris Hemsworth has acknowledged what a misfire the movie was).

Moving forward, it's time for Thor to get serious and shed his comedic personality. While we're not suggesting he become too dour and serious, the Asgardian need to face a new, far more formidable threat, and perhaps leave Earth behind for a fully Asgard-set adventure.

4. Nick Fury

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Secret Invasion started well, only to quickly go downhill and provethis epic comic book event needed to be more than a small-scale espionage thriller on streaming.

Samuel L. Jackson was fantastic as Nick Fury, but the show failed to really break any new ground with its portrayal of the former S.H.I.E.L.D. Director. His story arc consisted of coming to terms with the fact he'd failed and misled the Skrulls, with a far too neat outcome which we'd hoped might be expanded on in The Marvels.

Instead, Secret Invasion wasn't referenced and Fury was acting the fool. Jackson may only have one or two turns left as this character, so it's imperative he go out on a high; whether it's with a heroic sacrifice or a villainous turn, we're begging Marvel Studios to do something new with him.

3. The Hulk

6 Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters In Desperate Need Of A "Creative Overhaul" (4)

Thor: Ragnarok didn't do the "Planet Hulk" storyline justice but, on the plus side, it was a blast seeing a new side of the MCU's Jade Giant. Avengers: Infinity War proved a tad unsatisfying, though Avengers: Endgame's Smart Hulk deliveredan enjoyable new direction for the hero.

Alas, it's one that'salready outstayed its welcome. Giving The Hulk his intelligence has neutered the Green Goliath and, as was evident from She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, this arc has run its course.

Returning to the Savage Hulk well is one possibility, though Joe Fixit feels infinitely more compelling. Then, there's a Hulk who, while still an uncontrollable monster, has enough intelligence to converse with his fellow Avengers...while hating "Puny Banner," of course. That rumoured World War Hulk project is the place to make this happen.

2. Ant-Man

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Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania was meant to serve as an epic lead-in to what was then called Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. Instead, it was a mess of a movie that dulled interest in Kang the Conqueror by wasting him on a battle with Scott Lang and his family.

Original plans called for Scott and Hope Van Dyne to be left trapped in the Quantum Realm; instead, they escaped and Ant-Man remains concerned he'd doomed the Multiverse to a truly unstoppable force. That guilt needs to drive him forward and show a new side to the size-changing superhero before we bid farewell to him.

Cassie Lang hasn't proven to be the natural successor we imagined and Evangeline Lilly has retired from acting. That puts the pressure on Paul Rudd to pick up the slack and prove he can be more than a wise-cracking goof as the MCU braces itself for its biggest challenge yet.

1. Iron Fist

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Shortly before the release of Echo earlier this year, Marvel Studios decided to make Marvel Television's Netflix projects "canon" to the wider MCU. Some big changes need to be made to some of those characters, though, with Iron Fist at the top of the list.

There are already rumblings online about the "Iron Fist" premise being reintroduced in the animated Black Panther spin-off Eyes of Wakanda, while some social media scoopers have said the hero will appear in the Shang-Chi sequel. In terms of an overhaul, we'd ditch Danny Rand (for now, at least, and prioritiseLin Lie.

Not only does he hail from China, but he's a blank canvas that Marvel Studios can put its own spin on. Then, down the line, we can pick up with Danny (preferably with a new actor) as he either serves as a mentor or Hero for Fire alongside a new Luke Cage.

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6 Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters In Desperate Need Of A "Creative Overhaul" (2024)
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